Oct 18 Take Flight In ABWA

National Women's Leadership Conference“For over 67 years, the National Women’s Leadership Conference, hosted by the American Business Women’s Association, is where women come together to celebrate the past and focus on the future, not only for themselves, but for all working women.

This year’s “Take Flight in ABWA” Conference offers three and a half days of professional development programming delivered by nationally acclaimed authors, speakers, and business experts, all willing to share their in-sights with you so you can achieve your personal and professional best.”

At the October 18 meeting, Vivian Armijo, Donna Crossen and Carol Veatch will be sharing about:

  •  the professional programs,
  • keynote speakers,
  • Top Ten luncheon
  • election of the 2018 board,
  • and much more.

Dec 8 Annual Christmas Party