New Chapter Year 2017-2018

Congratulations to the ABWA Eldorado Chapter Board for 2017-2018:

Welcome to ABWA’s New Year.

Our August 16 meeting will be the first on for the 2017-2018 year. Let’s decide now that it will be our best year yet. Programs and events are being planned, and all we need to make it a great year is for the commitment of all our members.

installation by Cecile

On August 16 the 2017-2018 Proposed Budget will be presented for approval. We will also once again renew our chapters commitment to accept ABWA’s Proud Code of Conduct. The Proposed Standing Rules for this year will be voted on the September meeting.

This month is also ABWA Council of Southern California’s Hat’s Off—Pathway to Leadership Event on August 26. Have you registered yet. At the last meeting it was approved that the chapter would reimburse $30.00 to those attending, This is a great day of celebration.

In case you didn’t know – Christmas is just around the corner. It time to start planning and thinking of items for our Chinese Auction, and start bringing them to our meeting ASAP. Also, letters requesting donations from companies (like restaurants, theaters, markets etc.) will be available this month along with flyers.

Hoping to see you August 16 as Cleola tells us about Social Media Netiquette.

Carol Veatch, President