Need an Investigator? Aug 17

David Kale, Private Investigator, established the Kale Investigation Agency in 1967 will be the guest speaker August 17.

Since establishing the agency they have serviced over 71,000 files. They provide investigative services to leading corporate, private and institutional clients. When hiring a new employee, or someone working in your home, it is essential to know if the information on the employment application is correct and they are the person you think they are. Mr. Kale will be also be sharing about other services his investigators offer.

Happy August

Happy August all!

It is the start of a new year for ABWA, and I am honored that you asked me to be president again. Our board met last month and discussed plans for the next year.

A Team Charter was agreed upon, where we defined our purpose, looked at goals and what results we want to achieve, plus other factors. But to get this done everyone will need to Ignite Your Dreams in ABWA.

At the August meeting we will be presenting our budget for 2016-17 for your approval. This budget is to help guide us. Also, published in this newsletter and then again in September is the Proposed 2016-17 Standing Rules. A few proposed changes have been made. We will vote on them at the September meeting so please read them over.

To help in IChattanoogagniting Our Dreams for Eldorado, the league brochure is being updated so that every member can have some to share with women you meet. This is one way of reaching one of our goals of continuing to reach out to women with the ABWA mission.

So Ignite Your Dreams for ABWA and make this an outstanding year for Eldorado.

See you all August 17,
Carol Veatch, President